Jun 252018

So, yeah, I get it. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Mainly, that’s because I’ve actually had a nice quiet June at home. Playing lots of hockey, working extra-long weeks, and generally relaxing and taking it easy. It’s a good thing I did that (even though it was totally unintentional) because I just got hit with a couple of work trips which makes the next 5 weeks totally crazy. It looks something like:

3 day trip to Mexico City for work
10 day trip to Chile and Easter Island for vacation – woo hoo!
17 day trip to Switzerland for work

The vacation was planned, but the other two just kind of happened. I’m still without anything booked until late August, and I’m kind of hoping it stays that way. After racking up 30,000 miles in the next five weeks, in late August, I have this trip coming up:

Pretty excited for a trip to northern Russia, and still hoping to dart into Norway from Murmansk as well…time will tell.

That’s it for now, super short update because I have to pack! Next six months are gonna be a bit crazy, so look for lots more posts!

  4 Responses to “Back to Back to Back”

  1. Jason, you will be surprised, when enter Murmansk. Our Summer is at its best, and the whole artic region bathes in sun (if shines). Helsinki is as well quite nice. Hopefully you could see Finnish Lappland as well. 🙂

    Happy landings!

  2. if you’re up for a beer in Zurich, let me know. Still around 75 countries, so would be interesting to hear your story.

  3. Hey, if you’re ever in Stockholm, let me know. We can down a few beers and talk travel. Or hockey. You know Sweden is the reigning World Champion of hockey, don’t you?

    • I’ll be there for a full week late September for a work conference. Likely to be busy with work, but I’m sure we can make time for a beer one evening!

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