Aug 282022

So, looking around today for flights to Egypt I stumbled upon this…and after googling I couldn’t find any new sources or other blogs having shared it so decided to throw it out there.

According to FlightRadar24 EgyptAir has been operating flights from Baghdad to Washington DC, Dulles every 3-4 weeks for nearly a year now!

Now, I can’t imagine there’s huge demand for tourism to Iraq, and I highly doubt large numbers of Iraqi tourists are being allowed into Washington, so this makes no sense at all. These seem to be charter flights, and I can’t find anywhere to book them, and the next one is scheduled for September 5.

Anyone know what these are about…or better yet, how to get a seat on this crazy routing? Would love to know more…

Gratuitous pic from my trip to Northern Iraq for New Years back in 2009-2010.