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I wanted to list on this page an assortment of other travel blogs I like. People who do things a bit out of the ordinary, go places “just because” or “collect” unusual countries. Basically, the blogs that if you told your coworkers you were traveling like this…they would think you stranger than they already do!

That said:


Ramblin’ Randy – After years of chatting online, finally met Randy in Saudi Arabia last year – of all places – as extreme country collectors do! Another member of the “work full time, yet still getting every country done” club!

Stephen Codrington – This is fascinating, especially his post on Nauru. Lots of great stuff in here, which I look forward to incorporating into my Nauru trip!

The Naughty Nomad – Just found this one, and this guy is great.  Another person looking to visit every country in the world, while being a bit naughty along the way.  He hasn’t started out with the easiest of places, having been through most of west africa, and managing to do many things they tell you never to do.

The Gentleman Adventurer – This guy has a collection of places that puts even mine to shame, and manages to have some absolutely fascinating experiences there!

The Art of Nonconformity – Chris is on a quest to hit every country, and is definitely going to beat me there.  We’ve exchanged several messages regarding more difficult countries, and his stories really resonate.

Tan Wee Cheng – The Nomadic Republic – 175 countries down and under 20 to go.  How has he not made it to Canada yet with all the fascinating stories he has?!

Polo’s Bastards – Going Where We Ain’t Supposed To – lots of great stuff including a year by list of the year’s worst destinations

GuySquared – Adventures of a nursing student working in Botswana.  A great insight into non-tourist Africa

The Wandering Sybarite – Some exotic locations with a very different perspective than my blog. He can actually write…unlike me!

Matthew’s Blog – Lots of great out of the way places, plus more airline info than you need!

Marie’s World Tour 2011 – Tales of the difficulties and rewards of traveling in Africa

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  1. great list, so much can be learned these days if you are willing to do the research

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