Aug 172011

I hadn’t much intention to post this, but since I posted a couple others several folks have asked about this trip. Since I’m off for a 35+ day trip in a week this will be brief, but I do want to update this trip!

I have this…thing…for going to strange places for New Years. This year, we went to Afghanistan. Last year…it was Iraq. I’m hoping in a few months to set foot in that place full of pirates without a name. You get the picture.

The post will be split into these parts:

I. IAD-LHR-BRU in United First, and time in Brussels
II. Brussels-Ljubljana, Slovenia in Adria Business and time in Ljubljana
III. Ljubljana-Vienna-Erbil, Iraq in Austrian Business
IV. Erbil, Iraq and adventures to the Iranian Border
V. Erbil-Vienna-Zagreb, Croatia, and a day in Zagreb
VI. Zagreb-London, Heathrow – or Hallucinating around Europe
VII. London to Washington in United Business

There are lots of pictures, lots of bacteria, and hopefully I can fill in a few blanks on places that we found remarkable few details on online before going there ourselves. I admit – it was a bit insane to head to Iraq with absolutely nothing booked but….I guess that’s what adventure is all about!

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