Oct 262011

It was up at 5am again, for one last 6am safari in Botswana. We were really lucky this morning because it was just slightly warmer, and very early in the drive the guides got quite excited – one of the jeeps had spotted a fresh lion kill and we were all racing there for a look.

Breakfast anyone?

Now that’s the face of someone who just had a good meal…notice the red around the mouth.

After the drive it was back to the lodge for a quick breakfast before checking out. Our driver picked us up, and it was off to Zimbabwe for the next part of the adventure. Immigration was quite quick, and we were soon out of Botswana and back into Zimbabwe and off to Victoria Falls. Upon arriving in town he took us straight to our hotel, the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Everyone had said to stay on the Zambia side, but from everything I could see the Zimbabwe side was closer to the falls and to most of the things we wanted to do. In the end, it was definitely the right call because we were able to walk to everything we wanted, and the hotel was clean, safe, and the staff was friendly. No reservations recommending it…well, except maybe for this small sign next to the pool:

We wandered the town a little to find some water and check things out, and stopped at the overlook to see the bridge we had paid to jump off later that afternoon:

After the overlook, we headed to the bridge to talk to the immigration folks. We wanted to make sure we didn’t have to leave Zimbabwe (and thus get another visa and pay another $50) in order to go to the middle of the bridge to jump off. No problem – they were friendly, and gave you a “bridge voucher” so you could come back without using up your visa. Very helpful!

After the walk we had just enough time to head back to the hotel, grab a quick sandwich at the pool bar and get ready to head to the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia to…jump off it!

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