Oct 122011

Since this was our third trip to Hawaii this year, initially we hadn’t planned to spend more than a day here.  After all, the idea was to come here so we could catch the Continental Island Hopper flight to Guam.  However, since the flight only goes three days a week, combined with the fact we could only find availability on one day, we decided to relax here a few days and enjoy the birthday sun!

We managed to get up relatively early considering the great dinner the night before, and get in the car and head towards the North Shore.  The main goal was to test out the new underwater casing for the camera so it was ready for Palau in a few days.  Halfway there it started top pour, so we had to pull over and put up the roof on the the convertible for the rest of the drive – no fun!

Got to the North Shore, and stopped at Cholo’s for some Nachos and Margaritas for lunch – can’t really go wrong with that, right?    First stop after lunch was at Turtle Beach, where it was the perfect time to see the green turtles playing in the waves and coming ashore.  This was my third time here this year, and the first time we saw so many turtles.  There were at least two dozen of them!

Next stop was at Shark’s Cove for some snorkeling.  Parked the car, rented some gear, and it was off in the reef for some snorkeling.  There weren’t a ton of fish out, but enough to really enjoy the area and get some great views!

After an hour or so of snorkeling, we packed up and drove back towards Waikiki to rest up a bit before dinner.  We were planning to hit a place we’d been earlier in the year – Sushi Sasabune – for the Omakase menu.  The point of the menu is that you trust the chef “omakase” in Japanese, and he brings you whatever is freshest that day.  From what I managed to write down, the menu ended up being:

Tuna sashimi from Canada
California squid stuffed with crab
Toro (fatty tuna belly) two ways
Halibut from North Carolina and Red Snapper from Japan
Hamachi two ways
Boston scallop and New Zealand Salmon with sweet seaweed
Oysters from Vancouver
Mackerel and Skipjack with Ponzu and Ginger
Snowcrab and Kampachi
Minced Toro, frozen and thawed slightly
South African rock lobster with Ponzu
Japanese Sea Eel
Blue crab handrolls


Needless to say, we were absolutely stuffed and happy after all these courses and plenty of sake.  It was back to the hotel, and off to bed semi-early for the very very early Island Hopper experience to Guam the next morning with four stops en route!

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