Nov 012011

So, this is going to be another mostly pictures post. After the bungee (and thanking God we lived) it was over to Victoria Falls to see what made this place famous. The falls were absolutely awesome. I thought they were easily comparable to Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil in sheer size and volume, despite this being the low season. We only saw them in full from the Zimbabwe side, but they were incredible:

Next stop was the Boma Restaurant.  We were certain this would be a touristy hot mess, but in the end, the food ws pretty good, and it was lots of fun!   When you got there, they dressed you in “local dress” and did a bit of face painting.  It was kind of hokie, but still fun at the same time.  While it was touristy, it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected.  The food:

Now, this is when things REALLY became a hot mess.  A guy came around who described himself as the “Boma Sangoma”  (see that?  it rhymes) and it means the Boma Witch Doctor.  He had a “special” drink which “would make everyone happy.”  I don’t remember what he all mixed in the glass, but it was semi-innocent, and quite tasty.  Yay for the Boma Cocktail!

Of course, this led to accepting the Boma’s challenge.  Eating the “Mopani Worm.”  Supposedly this worm is a local delicacy, but honestly, it wasn’t nearly as bad once it had been cooked to a crisp.  Went down easily, and honestly tasted like sand more than anything!

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