Dec 212011

So as I mentioned after well over 15-17 miles of walking the previous day – I still had Sunday to explore Buenos Aires.  I definitely wasn’t up for much more walking, so the plan was to explore the metro system and some other parts of the city.  I especially (being a transit geek) wanted to see the A line of the metro that dates back nearly 100 years and still has the original wooden cars!  This is going to be mostly a picture post, with a few comments.  Also, I’m going to merge this post with my post from the following Thursday.  It was also a holiday, so I spent both these days doing low-key sightseeing.

Decided the first thing I wanted to do was see the Palermo neighbourhood, mostly because I’d heard great things.  It was also the home of the Botanical Gardens and Zoo which I wandered.  A couple of pics, including a Yerba Mate bush:

After the parks, I headed back into the metro to ride the old wooden cars of the A line.  I admit I rode back and forth for nearly two hours – I was totally fascinated by it….it was awesome!

The next day of wandering, I decided to do something I rarely have too much patience for, and explore some museums.  First up was the MALBA – the museum of Latin American Art.  Normally, if I “do” art at all I love modern stuff, but this was a bit too out there even for me.  There were signs saying photography was ok, but I got chewed out one too many times (who knows why) and was pretty over it.  The museum was cool, but I just didn’t connect with it.  Besides, this was some seriously messed up art!

After the MALBA, I was pretty tired and decided to do something I’ve never done anywhere – take the big tour bus around the city.  In the end it was as an awesome choice, because I got a grand tour of the whole city, and a really good feeling for how parts fit together.  Saw the Congress, and also the BOCA Juniors stadium – even more impressive because they’d just won the tournament a few days prior and the whole city was still going nuts!


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