Feb 092012

I’m going to make this one mainly a picture post, with a few thoughts thrown in here and there.  It’s funny, but I’ve actually reached a point where flying has become a bit more of a “chore” than exciting – except when it’s a really exotic airline or destination.  For example, the Daallo Airlines flight (sans seat belts) from Somalia to Djibouti was definitely memorable!  However, with the exception of seeing what the deal with EgyptAir Business Class really was…this was nothing special.

If you look anywhere online, EgyptAir gets a REALLY bad rap for having a business class that is essentially economy with a couple extra inches legroom.  Sort of like domestic first in the US, except it’s a dry airline, so no booze at all.  We’d purposely booked this flight on the 777, since we knew it was their “new” business  class.  I have to say,  the seat and meal (with the exception of being dry) was comparable to any US or European offering.  The crew, however, was absent.  They threw the food at you, and you never saw them again.  Sort of like a US airline on a bad day.  😉

EgyptAir Flight 777
Cairo, Egypt to London, Heathrow
Boeing 777-300ER, Registration SU-GDN, Manufactured 2010
Depart 9:20, Arrive 12:35, Flight time 5:15

Pre-Departure “entertainment:”

The food?  Well, have to say it was at least average for international business, and much better than I expected on a dry airline.  I wouldn’t hesitate to take EgyptAir for the food, that’s for sure.  I forget all the details, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Upon landing, I decided to clear immigration and grab some real coffee since I had the time.  Heathrow was painless as usual (after 100+ trips it better be!) and soon I was relaxing in the T3 Costa with my coffee and trying to become semi-human with a bit of caffeine.  Then it was off to T1 via the underground passages, a quick check-in at the United First counters, through security, and to the Star Alliance First lounge.

Few things have changed here in the last few months.  They have actual menus now, and a variety of non-buffet options to choose from.  I was really craving a bacon roll, however, and asked if it would be possible to have even though it wasn’t on the menu.  There was a bit of confusion, but 10 minutes later voila…with a glass of bubbly, it was served!

The bacon roll!

United Flight 925
London, Heathrow to Washington, Dulles
Boeing 777-200, Registration N223UA, Manufactured 2001
Depart 16:20, Arrive 19:35, Flight time 8:25

Not much to say here, except it was a standard United flight.  I used to know most of the LHR-based crews, but my fast few trips I’ve never recognized any of them.  Either there’s been lots of hiring out of the LHR base recently (and thus the crews I knew have been promoted to longer routes) or there’s been layoffs.  Or, I suppose, I’ve just been unlucky.  I’ll finish the post off with pics of the meal, since there was really nothing special to tell.  I ended up sleeping the balance of the flight after the meal, which threw me off for several days after, but that’s another story!

This is the end of this trip…but there’s another coming soon!

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