Jun 062012

Arrived at the resort just a bit after 8pm, and mysteriously was invited to have a seat in the reception area because my room was not quite ready…odd, but ok. While I was waiting, the manager on duty came over and introduced herself, apologized, gave me all the details, so that when my keys were ready in a few minutes I wouldn’t have to wait. That was nice. About 10 minutes later they were set, luggage was loaded into a golf cart, and got a short ride to the room. It was very walkable (300m or so max?) but the ride was nice with luggage. Once inside, I forgot about the wait – the suite upgrade was amazing, and came loaded with a giant fruit basket, bottle of wine, and plate full of snacks.

Called the friends I’d come to visit who were staying at the next hotel down the beach, and we made quick work of the wine before heading to the pool bar for drinks.  In case there weren’t enough snacks in the room, add a little butter and garlic, and these rather large critters were everywhere on the paths!

After closing down the hotel bar with a few drinks made with the local rum (don’t get too excited, this place closes quite early!) it was off to bed to be up early the next morning for the main event:  diving!   I took breakfast for the SPG Platinum amenity, which with two days there was a great deal instead of 500 points.  Then, walked down the beach to the other hotel where the dive centre was located:

We dove with Seychelles Underwater Centre, and they were absolutely fantastic.  Two great dives in the morning, and one in the afternoon, with a pizza break in the middle.  Couldn’t ask for a better dive operator!  Just a few shots:

Posing with a lionfish on the first dive:

Lobster anyone?

Or, maybe a turtle!  This guy swam with us for a good long while:

Couple of shots from after the dives:

All in all, the diving was very good.  I don’t have much to compare it to, but considering we didn’t have fantastic weather (there was steady rain for 2 of the 3 dives) the visibility was still quite good, and it was lots of fun.  Definitely a memorable experience!

…and finished off with a couple of sunset shots down the beach on the way to dinner!

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  1. Great post! What did the free breakfast consist of? Also, is it worth it to spend 3K starwood points and $200 for mattress runs to eke out platinum status before the year ends? Platinums seem to be treated well at this hotel, and I’ve got an upcoming stay.

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