May 192013

Big milestone this week – in Uzbekistan right now, and that makes 136 countries visited, and by by list 60 to go!  Lots of work ahead of me as you can see by the country map (especially Africa) but still confident I’ll get there in the next several years!

Anyone with strategies for my remaining countries…I’d love your advice!


  One Response to “60 to go!”

  1. Good on ya Jason!! Your journey is magical!

    My wife and I have been to 87 countries (all independent travel) since we began backpacking back in the mid 80’s. We hope to have them all explored before we take a dirt nap. lol

    Capetown to Cairo overland and by sea, Jul-Dec 1996
    Iran – Nov 1999
    Cambodia – Apr 1998
    Myanamar – Mar 2000
    Timor L’este Nov 2003

    …and, as you know well, many many more. 🙂

    Keep it up mate!
    Citizen of Canada, Australia, USA
    Atlanta, GA

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