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Thanks to the United devaluation of miles, I had to start planning my year in advance. Especially since I would be using so many miles up this year, and United added “premier qualifying dollars” this year – I would be forced to plan.  Got all my mileage burning trips in place, and then deals fell into place.  First, the amazing $1500 Europe fare.  Now, I’ve found a < $3000 business class fare to Israel over Thanksgiving – another new country for me!

So far, the year has already been busy:


But now, with nearly everything planned, it’s looking downright insane:


Plans are:

January:  return from trip to West Africa, Congos, Angola – up to 154 countries!
February: week in Hawaii
March: weekend in Ottawa
March: long weekend in Jamaica – 155 countries!
May: Boliva and Ecuador, with a day stop in Medellin – 157 countries!
May: long weekend in Chicago
July: long weekend in St. Kitts – 158 countries!
August: DC – Hawaii – Paris – Andorra – Hawaii – Las Vegas – DC – all in 10 days. Whew! – 159 countries!
October: over a month in the South Pacific – 168 countries!
November: Israel – 170 countries! (yes, I count Palestine)
December: Christmas in Minnesota
December: New Years in East Africa – Malawi, Tanzania, Comoros, etc! – probably 172/173 countries by end year!

That should bring me into 2015 with only 23 more countries to go, and maybe only 15-17 to go after I return from New Years! So close, but they get hard! I still have Turkmenistan, Syria, Guinea (Ebola anyone?), Mali, Central African Republic, Cuba…yeah, some real thinking is going to be needed!

I’m sure more long weekends will get filled in soon…I’m tired just typing this! What do you have planned for 2014 so far?

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  1. Great looking list for the year. It’s downright insane and I am completely jealous! I don’t get nearly as much flying in as I would like, but this year is looking like a good year for me.

    I took advantage of a price war between United & Delta to Lima, Peru earlier this year. I was there in 2002 but at $400 it was too good to pass up. Of course, in the end I spent about $1200 for the ticket as they offered me an $800 upgrade to BusinessFirst. From MSP to LIM and back, for me, it was well worth the cost.

    I leave tomorrow night for London (a new destination for me). I’ll be there for 10 days. Happened by chance, when I had posted that I would see Wicked for the 8th, 9th, and 10th time this past October when it was playing in Minneapolis. Soo, a friend of mine who live there told me the next time I was in the neighborhood, I should pop in and we’d go… next day I had tickets to London and 2 days later tickets to Wicked — times 2. So 12 times by the end of next week… obsessed much?

    I am also going back to the UK in end of November / early December for a training course.. Then a few days on Malta (a new country for me).

    My flights for 2014, so far.

    I may end up back in Dresden, Germany in September or October for a friends wedding. That’s still up for debate as i don’t know when it will happen…

    Nothing nearly as exciting as you, but at least I will cross off 2 countries this year.


  2. Bahamas, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Morocco. Which will bring me to maybe 30 countries… You sir are TOUGH to beat!!

  3. Wowsers, looks like a sprint to the finish!

    Must be only a year after this to go, looking forward to the reports from the last few exotic places:).

    Just sussing out my Libya visa after being inspired by your trip last year. Interesting sussing out the ‘business’ visa. Applying to the local consulate so even need a letter from my employer:).

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