Oct 162014

Insanity. I can’t believe it’s almost finally here. I started booking this trip well over six months ago – and I never plan that far in advance. I didn’t expect it would actually come to happen, but figured that I should spend the United miles before they were devalued…so I booked it. So far…everything is still on track.

Then, I realized I return home the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I sort of forgot that and booked a trip to Israel…over Thanksgiving. Yes, I’m going on a 33 day South Pacific trip, and then after 3 days home going to Israel for 5 days…plus an overnight in Zurich on the way back. I get home Tuesday night.

Then, I realized I was a bit short requalifying on United next year…over 12,000 miles short. Europe wouldn’t cut it. It was already going to be early December…I’m out of time. I have a Friday off…so yes, I arrive home from Israel on Tuesday night..and Wednesday night fly right back out to Lebanon.

6 weeks of traveling with a total of 4 nights at home. 73,100 miles. 24 countries, of which 12 will be new for me.  5 flights across the Atlantic Ocean. One across the Pacific. Numerous shorter flights in between. Then, it’s a whole two weeks at home before going to Africa for two weeks as part of my annual new years trip…and 8 more new countries.

I’m already exhausted. I should probably pack.


  5 Responses to “6 Weeks – 73,100 miles – 24 countries”

  1. Impressive. Make my head hurt and jealous at the same time. Bon voyage!

  2. Wow! This sounds like a very exciting trip. Can’t wait to read all about your travels.

    Bon voyage

  3. I hope this is a great success, some like HIR are among my favorites, others like INU I am planning a trip in March. This piece from The Economist has me really hesitant to included anything on Nauru Airlines where I don’t have alternate options in place. Keep us updated of progress.

  4. I fear that this itinerary is a house of cards that Fiji Airways will soon knock over, not unlike what Tiger did in that episode of the Brady Bunch.

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