Oct 072014

So…as you may recall, I have a big trip coming up to the South Pacific. 4.5 weeks and 9 new countries…it’s huge, and I fully expect something to go wrong.

In order to accommodate diving plans, I called Expedia today to change a Fiji Airways flight. No problem, but they couldn’t get it to ticket. I should mention that hold time was 2 minutes. That is, until they hung up on me.

So, I called Fiji Airways to see what’s up. Turns out two of the other flights on the itinerary are no longer existing due to a trade war between Fiji and the Solomon Islands, necessitating completely replanning the last half of my trip.

I call back. Hold time is 2 hours 30 minutes. I wait on speakerphone while I do work…45 minutes into the call (3 hours 15 total on the phone)…they hang up on me. This goes on again and again.

I’ve now called Expedia 5 times today, spent over 9 hours on the phone, and been hung up on…5 times. They claim they can’t call you back because “we do not have outgoing lines.” To add insult to injury…the last guy I got in India told me “oh my name is Jason too.” Seriously dude?!

Anyone have tips for dealing with these scam artists? I just want a full refund so I can book ELSEWHERE.


  4 Responses to “#Expedia Rant”

  1. My recommendation: whisky. Sorry for the troubles, really hoping it works out as I’m really looking forward to reading about your trip!

  2. Yikes:(! Last thing you need counting down to a complex trip like this.

    Trying to sus out a few dives in that part of the world in a few weeks. I’ll leave the epic itineraries to more experienced travellers though:).

  3. Better to find out about Fiji cancellations now than when you are on Tuvalu, for example

  4. FYI – I won! Full and complete refund by expedia, and everything rebooked. Even got the LAST seat on NAN-FUN flight. Let’s just hope…

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