Nov 222019

I have a confession. See, I have a bit of a problem. I have a hard time booking a “normal” trip, even why I try. The closest I came was booking a week long trip to Germany earlier this year…but even then I hopped around to like five different cities.

Right, back in the spring a travel friend casually says to me “hey, I got this great mistake fare into KL and out of Beijing. It’s only three nights, but feel free to join if you want.

Well, the fare was economy, so hell to the no, but then…I started playing. Nothing exciting with awards, but found a couple of very interesting fares that would get me TO Asia in the general neighbourhood of KL and back to North America not terribly far from home.

At this point…my trip was 8 days on the ground/10 nights while his was 3 and 5.

Seeing we were going to be in KL, was it really much of a detour to go to Bangkok for dinner at Gaggan before it closed? Convinced the friend, so that detour was made.

Then, I could have just bought a simple Toronto to DC ticket and been home in 8 days. But why would someone fly home on a Wednesday when for two more vacation days they could have four more days on the road? I starting thinking about side-trips from Toronto.

Somehow, my two-year desire to finally drive the new road in Arctic Canada from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk won out…because that made sense. At this point…I was up to 18 days. Oops. Remember: this was all started by a friend taking a five day trip.

I need better friends.

So, how did this thing end up looking?

Right, as I said, I have a problem.

Trip’s over, so I’m to start cranking this one out. I think I’m going to do something new and leave the actual parts a surprise until they’re ready, but always give a tease preview. Like this:

That should get you sufficiently convinced I’m insane. You say insane, I say AvGeek. Potato, Poh-tah-toe.

Sit back, grab your popcorn and a PDB, because here. we. GO!

  5 Responses to “Archipelago, Asia, and Arctic: OmanAir, Philippines, KLM, Air North, Canadian North and more!”

  1. I agree. You are definitely insane, but still enjoy reading about your adventures.

  2. This is how all my trips begin: A flight to reunite with a previous exchange student who lives in Conception Chile turned into a 30 day exploration encompassing a good part of South America with a side trip to Antarctica. and quite a trip. A flight to Melbourne, Aus for a week turned into a 4 week long trip consisting of flights from Chicago – LAX – Aukland Sydney- Melbourne (one week) in the first week to Canberra- Sydney- Townsville- a resort on the Great Barrier Reef (callee Dunk Island— we were the only non-Aussies staying there! Then Townesville-Sydney-Aukand-Christchurch for a week exploring the South Island And skiing some in the Southern Alps. Then Christchurch-Aukland-Papeete-vaitepe which is the capitol of Bora Bora. For another week. This am statyrd our as a trip where my 15 year old son and I could meet up with our former Australia. Student and his family. IMO, there’s nothing better than boarding the front of a plane Where you know (well, hope) you’ll be treated reasonably well on your way see a little more of the world. I think the world would be a better place is more of us made these screwy trips!

  3. This is hilarious …

  4. This has to be your most random itinerary to date, no? Or at least since visiting every country?

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