Aug 192011

After a few hours of wandering around Brussels, and a quick hop back to the airport, it was time to board our flight to Ljubljana on Adria Airways.  A few things I need to admit:  part of the reason I booked this route was my plan to (eventually) fly on every Star Alliance airline.  What better time to fly on Adria than when going via their home airport of Ljubljana?  Although the main reason for this trip was to get to Iraq, the chance to go via Slovenia in one direction and Croatia in the other was irresistible to me!

The biggest downside of this flight – which I may or may not have been entirely honest with Matt about in advance – was the plane.  It was the one plane I categorically refuse to fly under normal circumstances, because I find it to be the most miserable piece of aluminum in the air:  The Canadair CRJ-200.  Miserably cramped, windows that even a little person can’t see out….basically…I can’t stand them.  That said, they promised “business class” which means they left the seat next to you open…so how bad could it be…right?

Adria 395, Brussels (BRU) to Ljubljana, Slovenia (LJU)
Depart: 20:55 Arrive: 22:35, Flight time of 1:40
CRJ-200, Registration S5-AAI, Manufactured 1998, Seat 3A

Once on-board, it was pretty uneventful. Easily the most comfortable CRJ-200 flight I’d ever taken – but hard for it not to be. There were three rows of “business” and with nobody next to me, it really wasn’t bad at all. We even got a small “snack” which I was pretty unimpressed by…but hey, compared to what you’d get in the US at this hour…not complaining to at least have the option!

I nibbled on the protein a little bit, all the while trying to avoid snickering at the wet nap, which I found absolutely hysterical for some reason.  I mean, come on, could they make the picture just a little more comical if they tried, lol! Continue reading »