Oct 272011

After a quick snack, we headed back to the Victoria Falls Bridge for the bungee jump. I admit it – if we hadn’t paid for it in advance, I’m pretty sure I would have chickened out. I hate heights, and still can’t believe I went through with it. The jump is 111 meters (364 feet) and not actually at the falls, but a few hundred meters downstream. The pics in the previous post give a bit of a sense of perspective.

It’s so nice they tell you HOW to jump:

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Sep 292011

Yes, I know I’ve gotten a little more than a bit behind…but the trip was just too much fun, and I was too tired at the end of each day to keep posting. I promise to catch up!

For now, a little teaser! My jump of the Victoria Falls Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe…I was absolutely terrified! Be sure to watch past the 2 minute mark to really get a perspective of the canyon.