Dec 162011

So up front, I need to make a confession.  Working late most nights, and then heading to work out, I stuck close to the hotel for food.  Thus, there’s only going to be two restaurant reviews because the other nights were either nothing special, or quick grab and go.  But that said, I did eat at each of these places three times because the food was solid!

Found this place my first night there, and it was just a 5 minute walk from the hotel.  Sat at the bar/grill, and the guy working the bar/grill was amazing.  I ended up eating here three times, and it was absolutely delicious every time.  In DC, I’m happy to get my steak “nearly perfect” one out of every three times.  That said, every time I ate here the steak was 110% absolutely perfect.  The best steaks I’ve ever had, and for those that know the quality of DC steakhouses, that’s saying a lot.  I went with the “Bife de Lomo” and the “Bife de Chorizo” and they were all absolutely amazing.  Also had the marinated garlic, which was a great starter.  I’m going to shut up and let the pictures do the talking, because I can’t stop drooling.

One other note….the “Ensalada Mixta” was pretty awesome too, and provided just enough fibre to down these massive hunks of beef.  Absolutely.  Awesome.  Oh, and each night I washed the whole thing down with 1/2 bottle of the Norton Malbec which for the price was passable, and finished off with a bowl of Dulce de Leche ice-cream.  Would you believe I actually returned from this trip five pounds lighter?

El Establo Parrilla

The marinated “ajo”  (garlic):

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