Aug 232011

“In the event that anyone is scheduled to fly into or out of POS (Piarco International Airport, Trinidad & Tobago), be aware that our Prime Minster has declared a limited state of emergency starting at 9pm on August 22.

Limited State of Emergency At a Glance

Soldiers will exercise powers enjoyed by police during the period of the Limited State of Emergency:
– Search and seizure powers enhanced because you don’t need a search warrant
– Powers of arrest and detention are included; they will be able to arrest but will hand over detainees to police.

Police can arrest and detain for up to 24 hours after which a magistrate, or assistant superintendent (or higher), will be able to add an extra 7 days
– No bail for those arrested during the State of Emergency; courts no longer will have the power to grant bail.

You must comply with all requests by police to stop for search and seizure protocols
– A special 3-person tribunal will be set up by Chief Justice to oversee and adjudicate all possible cases of abuse of power
– Religious services, educational services, entertainments, etc. are exempt from requesting advanced permission from the Police Commissioner

NB: The entire country – Trinidad & Tobago is under a State of Emergency.”

Oh…well…isn’t THAT just swell!  I’m scheduled to do that in just a few days.  Seems this is fallout from last week’s riots in the UK, part of what was concentrated in the Trinidadian community in London, and has now crossed the Atlantic back to Trinidad, which is experiencing an explosion in robbery, murders, etc.  It might be time to start looking for alternate routes from Curaçao to Caracas!