Mar 072012

So far, I’ve been to 109 of the 194 UN members, which leaves me 85 countries yet to go.  I have plans for at least 7 more of them, leaving me a list of 78 to go.  So, I was thinking today – what are going to be some of the most difficult ones left for me?

A few thoughts on the matter:

Eritrea – They don’t seem to like issuing visas to anyone.  Chris recently tried, and was deported without the appropriate visa – not for lack of trying.  This one could be a real challenge.

Angola – Again, they don’t seem to like issuing visas to tourists.  However, people have been known to show up, and after a few Benjamins be allowed in without a visa in advance.  Might not be that difficult, just quite expensive to arrange.

Sudan – Similar to Angola, it just seems to require a fixer.  Lots of online folks claim they can arrange a visa for you.

Saudi Arabia – difficult, since they don’t issue tourist visas.  Transit without visa is completely possible, but I prefer at least a night plus dinner in a country.  That might be harder, but maybe I can find a work excuse to pull it off.

Libya – currently not issuing visas, but doubt that will last TOO long.  I don’t suspect this one will be as hard as it appears on the face of things.

Cuba – It presents some major challenges for a US citizen, but as I have 4 more years to reach my goal I’m sure I can find a (legal) way to do it.  There are plenty of cultural, educational, etc opportunities, just need to pick one.

Tuvalu – It’s remote – with only two flights per week from Fiji, but entirely doable – just need to synch everything up…which means a major cost.

Anyone else have any tough ones?  When I started this quest years ago, I thought North Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq would be some of the harder ones, but those all turned out to be relatively easy with a bit of effort.  Other thoughts very welcome as I plan ahead!


  4 Responses to “Difficult to Visit Countries”

  1. At the NYT Travel Show last weekend I met an British agent specializing in Libya who has been in frequent touch with contacts in Libya and is optimisitic that it will re-open this summer. Several international airlines have already resumed flights and more on the way soon.

    I visited in November 2010 and had a great time, though was limited by all the charges of traveling there alone under the old regime. I hope to go back and see more when there are more freedoms for tourists.

  2. Nauru, with only one flight per week out of Brisbane is a difficult one..!

  3. What about Tristan da Cunha..

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