Mar 082012

I like to think I’ve been some pretty out of the way places – Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

However, anyone who checks out the VICE Guide travel website – especially their guide to the Democratic Republic of Congo – will realise there’s a whole different world out there that’s even more off the beaten path. This isn’t your mother’s Starbucks – even if she lives in Fairfax VA and openly totes her firearms at Starbucks. Just watch their video – it’s some pretty amazing stuff!

Everything I’ve read says you’re a fool to take the river barges across the river from Kinshasa to Brazzaville, but every day thousands of locals do it and live to tell the story. Isn’t that what adventure travel is really all about? Putting yourself out there, taking risks, and really getting the feel for a place. Experiencing it as close to “local” as you can, and coming back to try and share what you’ve learned.

This said – I’m insanely jealous of these folks. I’d love to travel with them…and this just makes me want to do the Congo/DR Congo River Run even more. It’s definitely on my short list of adventures for the next year. If I could figure out just how to adventure travel for a living, I’d be out there yesterday…doing just that!

For now, however, I’ll be content with taking a step back after Somalia in January, and doing some relaxing travel. Bhutan, Nepal, and Seychelles this spring…and hopefully a big adventure trip later this year!

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  1. Wow wow wow, thanks for sharing. D.R. Congo sits there so temptingly on the map. Good point on how locals go about life every day and trying to learn and experience as they do.

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