Mar 092012

Count stands at 109, and in May, I have a trip to get five more countries already booked.  Nepal, Bhutan, Seychelles, Sudan, and Bulgaria (strange combo, for sure) are already done.  That marks 114.

I have a long weekend coming up, that should allow me to see somewhere near – I’m debating Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica, Guyana, St Lucia – will depend a bit if the non-rev gods are favourable to me or not.  Anyone have any recommendations which of those is most amenable to a 1-2 night stay if I do have a choice?

After that, I’ll be at 115, with likely little opportunity to do much more until later in the year.  Tapped out on leave time, best case I’ll get another few three day weekends to get a few more “close” places.  Maybe Iceland too?  I could see getting to 120 by fall if all goes well.  I’m debating trying to make a 4-5 day weekend with friends to Iceland this fall…I’ve heard amazing things – and it’s not hard for a long weekend.

That said, I’m thinking ahead to New Years, when I’ll get up to two weeks to do some serious travel.  Ideas include:

Salta, Argentina into Bolivia and the salt flats, Peru for Machu Pichu, and into Ecuador to head out….that’s three new countries.

The Congos – my last post alluded to my desire to hit both Congos…and would be easy to combine this with a Lagos-Accra run probably to get four more countries.  That would make six.

January is probably not an idea time to to a Caribbean cruise and hop between some of the islands I still need to see – so I’ve pretty much ruled that out.

There’s the idea of going to Fiji, and a side trip to the very-difficult-to-get-to-Tuvalu….maybe a secondary side-trip.

Any other must-see trips if you had up to two weeks late in the year?

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  1. Hey man, nice blog. I’m jphripjah from the flyertalk site. The Accra-Lagos run is definitely a good one. If you do it in that direction with a late afternoon flight out of Lagos you won’t even have to spend a night in Nigeria.

    You’ve obviously got some work to do in West Africa. I’d say use Dakar as a jumping off point with Senegal Airlines to other nearby countries. Freetown is interesting; Conakry is horrible except for the great nightlife. I’m going back in December myself and will try to knock off The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, etc. It just takes some advance planning because a lot of West African countries require visas in advance. Good luck!

    • Thanks…and if you want a travel partner in December let me know…would love to have someone experienced in West Africa to tag along with…et je parle français aussi….

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